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Java-Like Units Realisation

MyUnits tree description:


All. Loader of All Units.

Example. Example Unit.
StartUp. StartUp Units initialisation.
oof. OOF Loader unit.

Char.All. Loader of All "Char" Units.
Char.const. Define words: CRLF, LWS, SEMICOLON.
Char.rnd-key. Words rnd-key and .rnd-key . It's random character.

Date.All. Loader of All "Date" Units.
Date.const. Some Date Constants. e.g. SecsPerYear.
Date.riml. Print numbers (usualy years) in Roman format. (Russian version)
Date.timedate. Words for work with Time and Dates. LeapYears, DaysInMonth etc.

Ext.All. Loader of All "Ext" Units.
Ext.comment. C-Like /* */ comments.
Ext.const. Ergonomik Constants definition Word.
Ext.enum. Enumeration. A-la C's enum Color {Red,Blue,Green};
Ext.sets. Sets of strings. Union, Intersection, Difference, Membership, Exclusion and Equality. Many words for compatible with non-ANSI forthes.
Ext.types. Defines of word CELL for various Operation Systems.
Ext.var. Ergonomik Variables definition Word.
Ext.array. Array and CArray words.
Ext.struct. Extension of standart structures.
Ext.macro. Macro Substitutes realization.

Files.All. Loader of All "Files" Units.
Files.blk2fs. *.BLK files to *.fs converter.
Files.fileio. Some words for simple file reading.
Files.mime. Wery pure MIME realisation.
Files.lzss. LZSS Data Compression.
Files.uuencode. UUE Encode.
Files.uudecode. UUE Decode.
Files.config. Work with Configuration Files.

Files.DBF.All. Loader of All "Files.DBF" Units.
Files.DBF.struct. DBF3 Structure.
Files.DBF.fields. DBF3 Fields.
Files.DBF.record. DBF3 Records.

Numbers.All. Loader of All "Numbers" Units.
Numbers.random. Standart GNU Random Numbers.
Numbers.factorial. Small codes for doing factorial.

OOP.All. Loader of All "OOP" Units.
OOP.oof_core. GNU Object-Oriented OOF Core.

OS.All. Loader of All "OS" Units.
OS.ver. OperationSystems words-descriptors.

Strings.All. Loader of All "Strings" Units.
Strings.mask. Wildcards comparing of strings.
Strings.strutils. Working with counted strings.
Strings.tmp_str. Working with temporary string.
Strings.tokens. Tokenising of string. e.g. CutAfterChar. Some strings tools.
Strings.quot_print. MIME Quoted-Printable Content-Transfer-Encoding.

Streams.All. Loader of All "Streams" Units.
Streams.getchar. Read one character from the input stream.

TTY.All. Loader of All "TTY" Units.
TTY.ok. "Ok" typer.
TTY.out. TTY Output.
TTY.yesno. Words, associated with Yes/No answers.
TTY.terminal. Abstract Terminal unit.
TTY.ansi. ANSI Terminal Commands.

Audio.All. Loader of All "Audio" Units.
Audio.audioout. Simple access to the audio device in Linux via sox. (c)David W. Barts (
Audio.sine. Play sine waves. (c)David W. Barts (
Audio.sit. Tell telemarketers to SIT on it! (c)David W. Barts (

Memory.All. Loader of All "Memory" Units.

Memory.GC.All. Loader of All "Memory.GC" Units.
Memory.GC.gc. Garbage Collection loader
Memory.GC.gc_load. Garbage Collection init. (c)1999 M. Anton Ertl
Memory.GC.gc4image. Garbage Collection core. (c)1999 M. Anton Ertl